Vendome Condos SOE


Owner: H&W Developments

Prior Experience: Abdalla Shalaby

Temporary Support of Excavation System Design

This project entailed designing a temporary support of excavation (SOE) system to facilitate a 10 m excavation for a two-level underground parking structure for a high-rise condo development in Markham, Ontario. Abdalla Shalaby, P.Eng., P.E., served as the SOE design engineer, devising a solution incorporating soldier pile and lagging walls, reinforced laterally with two rows of post-grouted tieback anchors. Extensive performance testing, including sacrificial test tiebacks, was carried out to confirm grout-to-ground adhesion, with final tieback installation following confirmation of adherence values. Abdalla also took on the responsibility of developing a comprehensive vibration control plan and implementing a thorough vibration monitoring regime for neighboring structures vulnerable to potential construction-induced vibrations. Regular site visits were conducted throughout construction to ensure adherence to design specifications and drawings.