East to West Diversion Sanitary Trunk Sewer Tunnel Shafts

Location: Mississauga, ON

Owner: Peel Region

Prior Experience: Abdalla Shalaby

Tunneling Launch/Reception Shafts

This project involved the design and oversight of eight tunneling launching and receiving shafts. Acting as the lead design engineer, Abdalla Shalaby, P.Eng., P.E., took charge of crafting the designs for all eight shafts, each with varying diameters and depths, some reaching up to 26 meters deep. These shafts served as critical points for launching and receiving the tunnel boring machine necessary for constructing the sanitary trunk sewer linked to the project. The designs for the tunneling shafts predominantly featured secant piles arranged in a circular configuration, a concept rooted in the principles of the ring compression theory, where all lateral forces compressing the shaft are evenly distributed through axial compression around the ring’s circumference. Abdalla further conducted thorough analyses and checks to address any asymmetrical loading conditions around the shaft, taking into account factors like crane surcharges. Throughout the construction phase, Abdalla conducted regular on-site field inspections to ensure strict adherence to the working drawings and specifications.