794 Gerrard Street East Mid-rise Foundation

Location: Mississauga, ON

Owner: Oben Build

Prior Experience: Abdalla Shalaby

Permanent Caisson Foundation Design

The project’s scope included engineering the design of a caisson foundation system to transfer structural loads from a 6-storey residential building to competent shale bedrock. Abdalla Shalaby, P.Eng., P.E. developed a detailed caisson foundation system design that strategically utilized skin friction and end bearing mechanisms to counteract compression, tension, and lateral wind loads from the building. Skin friction maximized the interaction between the caisson’s surface and the surrounding soil to resist axial loads, while end bearing utilized the caisson’s base to counteract vertical loads. This dual approach ensured stability and structural integrity throughout the foundation system. During construction, Abdalla and his team conducted interim field review site visits to oversee the installation process by the foundation contractor, ensuring adherence to design specifications and working drawings.