Micro Tunnel under MBTA Red Line

Location: Cambridge, MA (2019)

Owner: City of Cambridge, MA

Prior Experience: Eldon Abbott

This project involves a proposed utility crossing over MBTA’s historic Red Line tunnel in Cambridge, MA. Reliance is the Prime Consultant through our Mini-GEC contract for this review work on behalf of MBTA. The review resulted in the rejection of the originally proposed over the tunnel crossing due to the impacts on the tunnel identified during the design review and led to the current re-design as a micro tunnel under the Red Line tunnel. Eldon Abbott, PE served as Task Lead for the Design and Construction Review of Proposed Micro-Tunnel Utility Crossing Under MBTA Redline Tunnel. Eldon is providing engineering and design review of this on behalf of MBTA on a Task Order basis. Work includes review of design calculations, design plans and specifications, contractor submittals, and monitoring during construction to mitigate negative impacts to the Red Line Tunnel.