Design of the Plane Train Tunnel West Extension

Location: Atlanta International Airport, GA (2022)

Owner: City of Atlanta

Prior Experience: Emad Iskander

The Plane Train tunnel project included developing of a 700-foot-long tunnel extension to the existing Plane Train automated people mover (APM) beyond the airport’s domestic baggage claim terminus station. This extension created a more efficient train turn-around operation and allowed for a significant reduction in train headway (distance/time between successive trains). By reducing headway, the APM was able to increase the passenger capacity, enabling more frequent train trips. The project consisted of a single-track APM tunnel with bifurcation. Emad Iskander, Ph.D., PE performed an analysis that included Flac 3D for tunnel advance in soft ground and rock carrying capacity in the bifurcation cavern with shallow cover.

By Sanibel Sun