MBTA Quincy Bus Maintenance Facility Owner Representative (OR) Services

Location: Boston, MA (2024)

Owner: MBTA (Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority)

The MBTA over the last several years has been implementing a series of initiatives to revolutionize its services to the public. The MBTA’s Bus Facilities Modernization Program is one of MBTA’s priority initiatives to expand and modernize its aging network of bus maintenance facilities. It will allow the MBTA to accommodate a larger fleet as well as keep in step with technological advances and alternative fuel sources. The proposed Quincy Bus Maintenance Facility, aimed to be completed in 2024, is the first milestone of the MBTA’s bus modernization program. With an estimated construction value of $250 million, the new facility will consist of four interconnected structures to accommodate:

  • Bus storage area;
  • Maintenance area;
  • Office building; and
  • Bus fueling and wash area

Reliance’s work on this project includes Owner’s Representative (OR) services to the MBTA, providing project oversight to the MBTA, helping to achieve the project goals and requirements. The major areas of the Owner’s Representative services include:

  1. Peer Review of Design and Design Administration or Monitoring of these activities;
  2. Monitor the assembly of bid documents, RFIs, Addenda, Bid Review for Responsiveness;
  3. Monitor compliance with early action items, Review Extra Work Orders, Cost Recovery, Facilitate Timely Resolution of Issues, Review Contractor Operational Schedule; and
  4. Produce Monthly Reports on construction status and schedule and budget and notify MBTA ofany significant deviations from the approved budget and provide an Annual Report in compliance with MBTA requirements.

The Reliance team brings considerable expertise, experience, and technical diversity and resources to effectively meet and exceed the needs of this multi-disciplinary and high-priority project for the MBTA.