Pavan Chappanmath, EIT

Project Engineer
Bridges & Structures

Pavan Chappanmath is a structural/bridge engineer with Reliance and has about 5 years of industry experience. Prior to joining Reliance, he worked as a quantity estimator and surveyor before he started working as a bridge engineer with Reliance. Prior to this, he worked on many commercial projects in India as a Quantity Estimator and was involved with planning and cost-effective constructions. He is also familiar with Structural Design of high-rise buildings and proficient with analysis and design software packages such as MIDAS, Sofistik, and STAAD. In the past couple of years, Pavan has been working on bridge replacement projects and also assisting with design checks and design review services for a cable-stayed bridge project.

Educational Background

M.S Structural Engineering, University of Massachusetts, Lowell, MA, 2018

B.S Civil Engineering, Visveswaraya Technological University, Karnataka, India, 2013

Registered Professional Engineer

Selected Projects

Long Island Bridge Replacement Over the Quincy Bay, City of Boston, MA: Pavan is a Bridge Design Engineer with Reliance, who is part of the Long Island Bridge Replacement team selected by the City in 2014. The 3500-ft long crossing over the Quincy Bay consisted of four 750-ft long 3-span deck truss units, one 250-ft span through truss over the navigational span and smaller girder spans over land on either end. Pavan performed modelling, analysis and design of composite deck and steel frames for Unit-A, B and D of the project. Currently, the project is in its final design phase (2013-Ongoing).

Mumbai-Pune Missing Link Project, Mumbai, India: At the onset of the project Reliance provided Value-Engineering services for the cable-stayed bridges to the design-build contractor. As a Design Engineer, Pavan performed Construction stage modelling, analysis and also performed the option studies of pylons for this complex cable stayed bridge of length 650-m , main span length of about 305-m and 25m Wide. Now Reliance is continuing to provide Proof-Checking services on this complex project and Pavan is assisting with design checks and design review services (2019-Ongoing).