Anudeep Bathula, EIT

Project Engineer
Bridges & Structures

Anudeep Bathula has 6 years of bridge engineering experience both in the United States and abroad. He is experienced in structural analysis and design of long span bridges, Continuous Post tensioned segmental box girders and balanced cantilever bridges, Steel composite and truss bridges. He has in depth understanding of structural behavior of cable stayed and extradosed bridges. Anudeep is experienced in using finite element analysis with plate and solid element modelling to solve complex structural problems. He is experienced in value engineering, option study and structural optimization of superstructure, substructure, foundations for several bridges.

Educational Background

  • M. Tech Structural Engineering, Vellore Institute of Technology, Tamil Nadu, 2016
  • B.Tech. Civil Engineering, Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Andhra Pradesh, 2014

Registered Professional Engineer

Selected Projects

Kepax footbridge, Worcester, U.K: Anudeep served as Senior Bridge Engineer for global construction stage modeling, analysis, and proof checking of an iconic, steel bridge with an inclined pylon with out-of-curve back stays. The cable-supported bridge is a 9-span continuous bridge that incorporates a 90-degree curved deck. The deck is made up of steel square hollow box sections as longitudinal members. Anudeep was responsible for deck section checks as per Eurocode involving complex shear lag effects for the orthotropic steel deck.

TeesNewport Bridge Assessment, River Tees, Northern England: Design Engineer for assessment of historic UK vertical lift bridge using the relevant assessment codes. Modelling and analysis of two simply supported 50-foot spans. Responsible for stiffener checks and connection checks, and determination of adequacy factors of all the structural components of the superstructure.

Stephenson Street West Ham, U.K: Design Engineer responsible for performing Time History analysis for pedestrian acceleration checks as per Eurocode for a dynamically sensitive 50 foot long 40 foot wide cantilever bridge.

AL-Markhiya, Al-Bustan North, Qatar: Anudeep was responsible for design of a steel truss footbridge of length 79m which is a continuous bridge spanning 42m+37m. As a Design Engineer Anudeep performed analysis, design and drawing generation of the complete bridge. He performed steel section design checks and several connection bolted and welded connection checks as a part of the design.(2020)

JFK Mars Bridge – JFK Airport, New York, NY: Design Engineer for Global modelling of T4 bypass and T1 terminal bridges, a total of 8 no of bridges spans varying from 60-foot to 180-foot with interconnected piers and common foundations. Anudeep performed multimodal response spectrum analysis of bridges with seismic base isolators. (2020-2021)

IKEA-Footbridge, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India: As a Design Engineer Anudeep performed modelling, analysis and design, drawing generation of steel continuous skew truss footbridge of 50.6m long with continuous spans of 9.1m+18.6m+9.9m+13m using IS and IRC codes. Option study and structural optimization by changing orientation of members and truss patterns to suit the complexity of skewed truss to obtain effective force flow at least steel tonnage. (2019-2020).

Al Thumama Footbridge, Al Thumama, Qatar: As a Design Engineer, Anudeep performed construction stage modelling, analysis and design checks of steel continuous truss 167m long spanning 89m+78m pedestrian footbridge with approach ramps for CAT-3 check. Also responsible for design checks of several bolted and welded connections using BS codes.(2019-2020)

Mumbai Coastal Road, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India: Design Engineer responsible for construction stage modelling, analysis of 127.5m long 3 numbers of 42.5m span continuous, curved box girder bridge with 2.5m girder depth. Anudeep performed a study on reduction of PT quantity by increasing girder depth against overall cost. Also responsible for Performing SLS checks, stress control, tendon profiling, design and detailing of the same box with finalized 2.8m deep girder with internal and external PT. Performed review and independent design check for monopile for the above-mentioned bridge instead of pile group option for foundation. (2019-2020)

Delhi-Vadodara Expressway Package 22, Vadodara, India: Design Engineer responsible for performing option study on connection between girder and pylon for monolithic and elastomeric bearings for optimization of pylon towers and foundations in tender stage. The proposed structure is a cable stayed bridge of total span of 596m consisting of 26.5m+96.5m+320m+96.5m+56.5m with edge girder system, Tender stage design for edge girder, deck, pylons, foundations and cost comparison of the same against steel composite superstructure option. (2019-2020)

Bridges Over River Brahmaputra connecting Pan bazaar to North Guwahati, Vadodara, India: Design Engineer responsible for tender stage design of pylon and foundations of cable stayed bridge of total length of 620m spanning 150m+320m+150m. Performed Design and optimization of double D well foundation against a circular well for quantity reduction. Anudeep was responsible for study on gravity sinking versus jack down methods of well sinking efforts to fit in the time schedule of project. Also performed an option study on seismic forces by replacing well foundation with pile groups.(2018-2019)

Design and Construction of new bridge with approaches parallel to existing 4-lane Mahatma Gandhi Setu at Patna, Bihar,India: As a Design Engineer, Anudeep performed tender design which includes construction stage modelling, analysis, design and cost comparison of several options being conventional extradosed, extradosed with a steel composite drop in box girder, steel composite cable stayed, cable stayed with hollow post tensioned edge girder superstructure systems to meet the client requirement of spans to be in multiples of 121m. Design of superstructure for a cable stayed option with hollow post tensioned edge girder system with 484m E.J to E.J and 242m main span with a needle beam arrangement at the end of each block. Anudeep was responsible for sizing and design of lower pylons being twin leaf to reduce temperature effects. Also responsible for sizing and design of upper pylons, pile cap and the piles of 75m length due to high scour.(2018-2019)

Mumbai Trans Harbout Link, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India: MCR project involves a 7.75-km (4.8-mile) coastal road from Princess Street flyover to Baroda Palace in Mumbai. For this 127.5-m (418.3-ft) long, 3-span continuous, curved concrete box girder bridge, Anudeep served as the Design Engineer responsible for the construction-stage modeling and analysis. He performed a parametric study on the variation of required post-tensioning (PT) quantity against the girder depth for an optimum overall cost. In addition, he performed the final design of the selected 2.8-m (9.2-ft) deep girder. The final design included segmental Serviceability Limit State (SLS) checks, staged stressing of internal and external PT, stress control, and developing the tendon profile. A monopile value engineering option was developed as an alternative to the originally-proposed pile group foundation. Anudeep performed the review and independent design check for the monopile foundation.(2017-2018)

Mumbai Pune Expressway- Missing Link Cable Stayed Bridge, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India: Anudeep is the Design Engineer to perform Construction stage modelling, analysis of cable stayed bridge of a length of 640m with steel composite deck spanning – 32.5+135+305+135+32.5 m. Performed the design of steel composite cross girder, option study of pylon- Y, A and H shapes; effect of cross ties on the behavior. Anudeep was responsible for stay tuning and stage analysis of the bridge with concrete edge girder system and comparison of fan and harp type stay cable arrangement and their effect on cable and girder quantity. Performed grillage modelling and design of transverse beam and comparison between PSC and RCC option of cross girder. Responsible for ULS and SLS checks of concrete edge girder deck; design of stay cables as per SETRA.(2017-2018)

Qatar Expressway-Mesaimeer Road, Qatar: As a Design Engineer Anudeep performed concept design longitudinal analysis of Extradosed bridge of total length of 813.45m spanning as 42.35m+69.25mm+90.75+130.25m+148.25m+ 130.25m+ 90.75m+69.25+42.35 m. Performed transverse analysis of 30m portion of bridge to identify efficient method of stay force transfer to deck and finalization of cross section with external struts. Also performed quantity estimates of bridge. construction stage modelling, analysis and design of superstructure of viaduct spanning 45.5+63.25+45.5 m- span by span erection method. (2016-2017)

Construction of Extradosed Bridge Across Durgam Cheruvu Lake, Hyderabad, India: Anudeep served as a Design Engineer on this one-of-a-kind 425-m (1,395-ft) long concrete extradosed bridge with a 234-m (768-ft) long main span and 96m (315-ft) long back spans. The superstructure is a fish belly 25.8-m (84.6-ft) wide box girder with pretensioned internal struts and external ribs. He performed construction-stage modeling of the bridge and transverse analysis of the box girder. In addition, he performed the design of the superstructure which included diaphragms and stay blisters/anchorages, fatigue check for stay cables, punching shear check during segment lifting, segment stacking check, and rib interface shear check. Anudeep also performed Finite Element Analyses (FEA) to proportion the force carried from stay cable to internal struts, assess temporary PT dispersion across the width of the segment, and analyze the Eigen value stresses due to temperature gradients. In addition, he was responsible for generation of superstructure reinforcement drawings.(2016-2017)